Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here’s Layout Number Two for the year. Have to confess I toyed with the idea of making it Layout Two & Three – you know, store it up against a creativity trough – but we’re humming along nicely so far, so will keep it as is.

Quite happy with this. It’s very simple, but there’s so much going on photo-wise that I think it almost has to be. I like the way the wreath in the large photo works almost like an accent. Must remember to try that again sometime. That photo, incidentally, is of my effortlessly stylish sister’s front door. (Would love to say that I chose the background paper to match the lines and angles in the door itself, but actually I only just noticed that now. Serendipity alert! In fact, I chose the paper because it was red and on sale.)

By the by, I love Kaiser’s silver rhinestone strips! I’m not a bling kind o’ gal by any stretch of the imagination  - most of the time when I try to add a bit my inner Coco Chanel kicks in and insists I take it off – but these are great. I love how adaptable they are; streamlined, whimsical, energetic – they can do it all. I realise that sounds a wee bit ad-speak, but it’s true! Plus, if you cut them up you get stacks more out of a packet than the regular ones. Random Thrifty Tip # 1….

So Christmas 2010 is sorted. Hurrah!

Note to self: Buy new white pen.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miracles do happen...

Well here ‘tis: electronic proof that miracles do happen! With this blog I’m overcoming my techno-fear and procrastination simultaneously. Am feeling smugly virtuous. Credit where credit’s due though; a huge and heartfelt thanks to the ever so lovely and always inspiring Al Hannah for talking me through the set-up.

I set some scrapbooking goals for myself for this year, including:

1. Complete a layout a week for the year.
2. Finish (and in some cases, start) some mini albums that are still on the to do list.

So how are we doing?

Well, I’m slightly ahead of schedule on Goal Number 1, especially if I count the ones that just need some journaling. So a high five to self on that score. Here’s the first layout of the year (and, incidently, the first photos printed from my sublime new camera – a definite pro of Husband leading a school mission trip to the Philippines. God bless duty free. J)

I’m keeping my own stuff pretty simple at the moment, partly because I find I’m always happiest with the simpler ones, and partly because while we’re renting as our new house is being built, 95% of my stash is in storage. Remember those first, heady days of discovering scrapbooking? Going to the local store, photos in hand, picking out the bits and pieces one at a time to match….that’s me at the moment.

And Goal Number 2? Not so impressive. Presenting Exhibit A: The Shame File:

UK Album:       Not yet started.     2 ½ years of procrastination
Cairns Album:  Front cover done. 3 ½ years of procrastination
NZ Album:         Not yet started.     6 years of procrastination

So, plenty of room for improvement there! And, come to think of it, plenty of excuses to go shopping. There’s always a silver lining.

Now, off to complete aforementioned journaling….