Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miracles do happen...

Well here ‘tis: electronic proof that miracles do happen! With this blog I’m overcoming my techno-fear and procrastination simultaneously. Am feeling smugly virtuous. Credit where credit’s due though; a huge and heartfelt thanks to the ever so lovely and always inspiring Al Hannah for talking me through the set-up.

I set some scrapbooking goals for myself for this year, including:

1. Complete a layout a week for the year.
2. Finish (and in some cases, start) some mini albums that are still on the to do list.

So how are we doing?

Well, I’m slightly ahead of schedule on Goal Number 1, especially if I count the ones that just need some journaling. So a high five to self on that score. Here’s the first layout of the year (and, incidently, the first photos printed from my sublime new camera – a definite pro of Husband leading a school mission trip to the Philippines. God bless duty free. J)

I’m keeping my own stuff pretty simple at the moment, partly because I find I’m always happiest with the simpler ones, and partly because while we’re renting as our new house is being built, 95% of my stash is in storage. Remember those first, heady days of discovering scrapbooking? Going to the local store, photos in hand, picking out the bits and pieces one at a time to match….that’s me at the moment.

And Goal Number 2? Not so impressive. Presenting Exhibit A: The Shame File:

UK Album:       Not yet started.     2 ½ years of procrastination
Cairns Album:  Front cover done. 3 ½ years of procrastination
NZ Album:         Not yet started.     6 years of procrastination

So, plenty of room for improvement there! And, come to think of it, plenty of excuses to go shopping. There’s always a silver lining.

Now, off to complete aforementioned journaling….


  1. Hey Dani, well here I am ... and here you are! So good to see you in the world of blogging ... congratulations you got it going. It is public yay!
    You're a bit hard on yourself sweetie, with your years of procrastination! You know what, we all have gotten behind the *8 ball* ... specially when you have children you would like to spend your time with, love and nurture them as well!

    Love your first layout. I'm a few layouts behind - but you know what, that's life. Sometimes you get it going on, and sometimes you fall a little behind. That's ok I reckon ;)

    Look forward to keeping up with your blog, seeing your beautiful work and keeping in touch. xx

  2. Oh I also meant to say how gorgeous your profile pic is Dani :)

  3. You are not alone in the procrastination stakes Dani...hehehe....I'm quite the master myself at times :)

    Welcome to the world of blogging...woohoo! Have loved your gorgeous work for the longest time and can now get my fix online too...all good I say!

    Can't wait to see more xx

  4. Hi Dani and welcome to blogging! I work for Kaisercraft too and I think we have some of your beautiful work on display at the Toowoomba outlet. I struggle with the full time working mum thing a little so I hardly ever post on my blog (and I'm waaaay behind on my layouts). I love blog hopping though and I look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations! :)

  5. WOW great to see a blog with your AMAZING work out there for us to see :) Hope you are well and look forward to seeing all the amazing work you create :)

  6. love your blog dani!! :) keep it up!

  7. HI THERE DANI, and welcome to the world of blogging... You still have time to get out while you can LOL.... Its very addictive :) Love your work, and will definately be a lurker here....