Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New projects – part two

It’s a tired but happy blogger that I am tonight. Last night my sisters and I got together to watch the Oscars – as we always do. Perfect girly fun. Only thing was, we’d planned to record it during the day so we could fast forward through the ads and plastic orange people doing the red carpet interviews, which worked like a dream last year. This time for some reason it didn’t work, so we couldn’t start watching until after 9.30. ’s a lot later than it used to be…. Still, The King’s Speech and Colin Firth both won, so the universe is as it should be. J

Have started another new project. (Very excited by this one, since it’s for my room in our new house.) I love having photos around me, but I discovered during the de-cluttering house-selling process last year that I really don’t like clutter. It felt so good to get rid of stuff!  Plus, a lot of the stuff – especially frames and pictures – I realised I just had up or out because I always had done. It was simply habit. So how to combine the love of photos with the dislike of clutter?

This is my solution:

Several packs of Kaiser’s mini canvasses, and the photos I most adore. Have only done 8 so far, but have 15 planned (for now). These are going in a grid like this on the wall. As I make more I’ll change the configuration around to suit.

I love the idea of it being a work in progress, but looking finished and streamlined now. Completely neutralises that inner sinking feeling you get when you look at a still-to-do pile of stuff. Best of both worlds, frankly!

 Problem solved. Now, to solve the issue of missed sleep….


  1. WOW !!! these look brillant !!! what a great idea. I will have to get me some of those :)

  2. Love this idea to Dani :):):) your photos are simply stunning - especially the butterfly on the toes!!!!! Can't wait to see more of them when you done! xx

  3. These are so cool - simply stunning - I will have to add this to my things to do :)