Thursday, February 24, 2011

New projects are fun

It’s been over a week since I posted; too busy doing life to record it! I’ve been up to my ears in projects for Kaiser’s June (or is it July? Can’t remember) Release, which is fun, but doesn’t allow for much free time.

Even so, I managed to start a new mini album. Now I know I new-year-resolved to finish off other minis, but let’s face it, new projects are much more fun than old ones. J Besides, I wanted to do it while the memories are fresh. (That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it.)

This is my ‘building our new house” mini:

Inside I’ve just done a main photo of the house itself at each stage so far (taken from the same spot on the property), with one smaller “people” one beside it. So now, whenever someone asks “how’s your house going?”, I can whip this out and SHOW them. All very exciting!

Funny thing: the chipboard house by the title was actually from a pack of variously sized arrows. I was feeling pretty darn pleased with myself and mentioned it to Husband when I showed him. His response? “Oh. I thought it was an arrow…” C’est la vie…

One last thing. That quote stamp is from  Have just discovered this site and I love it! Their stamps are sublime and their service outstanding. Just sharing the love….


  1. gorgeous work Danielle... I read your scrapbooking epiphiny post LOL.. and yep, I had no idea either until about a year ago, now I am totally and utterly addicted to scapping online... love it...and have made so many wonderful friends.... maybe you should get out now while you still can LOL :) excited to see what you are working on at Kaiser, although I think my DT will be over by then :( .....