Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's been two weeks since I last posted, and the answer to last time's question, "could the scrapping mojo be returning?", appears to be "not so much". Well, to be exact, it got sidelined a little last weekend when our beautiful border collie of nearly fourteen years passed away. She'd been slowing down for the past month, and on Sunday night, surrounded by all of us, she very peacefully breathed her last.

I honestly don't think any of us expected to be as upset as we were. After all, we knew she was getting old, and wouldn't be around forever, but even so, to not see her running up to greet us as we arrive home, or trotting at our heels is taking some getting used to. But we did have a little funeral for her, when we all said the things we loved about her and then thanked God together that we could have her as part of our family for so long, and somehow after that the sting has gone out of the grief. We still miss her, but now the thought of her is making us smile rather than tear up. End of an era, really...

One thing I have realised is how relatively few photos of her we have. It's worryingly easy to forget to record the everyday bits and pieces that make up most of life - I've resolved to be a bit more diligent about that from now on.

On to layouts, then. At the end of Week Eighteen, I have No.s Sixteen and Seventeen to post. (At least, I think that's what I'm up to. Will have to double check.) Like I said last time, I did toy with counting the double as two separate pages, which (hypothetical drumroll please) would bring me up to date, but have instead decided to be honest. Page two of the double really doesn't stand alone, anyway.

The nice thing about getting these done is that they've been sitting, in bits and pieces, on the desk for about three months. You know those pages which, no matter what you try, don't seem to come together at all - to the point where they almost put you off scrapping entirely? I present Exhibit A and B....

So, 'tis done, 'tis finished, 'tis finished, 'tis done. And hurrah for that! Maybe mojo will be a bit more forthcoming now...

Have a wonderful week :)

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  1. Sad, sadness that Jas is gone, butt happy happy that she came. And as for the layouts. WOW they are great. Have I told you lately that you suck. I mean that in the most loving way. Great layouts my