Sunday, May 13, 2012

Making Me Happy

“ ‘That’s the worst – or the best – of real life, Anne. It won’t let you be miserable. It keeps on trying to make you comfortable…and succeeding… even when you’re determined to be unhappy and romantic.’”
                                                Anne of Avonlea  L.M.Montgomery

The ‘Anne’ books were some of my favourites when I was growing up, and there’s always a kind of magic in revisiting a book you loved as a child. The above quote has stuck with me ever since I first read it, and it’s been echoing in my head pretty often these last couple of weeks. We still miss our dear old dog Jas, but at the same time I’ve been more and more aware of lots of small happinesses around me – not the big, momentous things, but the little ones that weave themselves into everyday life so quietly and unobtrusively that it’s only when you stop a moment that you really appreciate them.

So, in deference to this year’s One Little Word, I thought I’d take a moment to See Appreciatively. Little things making me happy at the moment:

·        It’s Autumn. All around me trees are blazing into colour…my garden is showing signs of life again… The days are golden and the nights are silver and full of stars, with the smell of woodsmoke on the air.
·        Seeing kangaroos in our front yard at daybreak. (evidently still have enough of the suburbanite in my soul to get excited by this…)
·        Getting a new book I’ve never read by an author I love.
·        Just finished knitting a beanie for myself out of the most divinely soft wool imaginable. Am wearing it proudly, despite Aaron’s occasional comments re cancer sufferers.
·        It’s cold enough to be making soup again. Plus, I finally seem to have converted the rest of the family to the concept that soup is a valid meal by itself.
·        A “just because” present from a lovely friend – a bougainvillea exactly like the one that grew at my great-grandmother’s house. J
·        Watching the kids and Aaron play soccer in the back. (And no, I don’t play. After all, someone has to clap and cheer.)
·        Sitting with a book or watching a dvd with the open fire going. So cozy.
·        Mint Slice biscuits. Enough said.
·        And last for now, but certainly not least, as of this week, I am Officially Caught Up with layouts!

 Yup, at the close of Week Nineteen, I have layouts Eighteen and Nineteen to post. Here they are:

I think the happy state of mind may have spilled over into the design process for these, especially with the second...Good fun :D

Have a wonderful week – hope it’s filled with your own little happinesses J

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  1. I am so loving this Autumn as well my dear friend. Love your layouts as always but loved your words more. Stars, leaves, sunrise and sunset. Crisp cold and warm sunlight. It's all so good. xxx