Monday, February 7, 2011

On not reinventing the wheel

I’m a big fan of Ali Edwards’ philosophy, “don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.” When I find a layout that works, I tend to use it over and over again. With different colours, papers and what-have-yous, no one seems to notice that it’s the same basic format. (Or if they do, they’re politely refraining from comment.) So here are Layouts Four, Five and Six – my version of not reinventing the wheel.

They all have the one large photo, larger mat, and horizontal row of embellishments beneath. Even the same background. End result: same but different. J 

These pages are standards for me, along with birthdays and Christmas ones. I like having an overview of their year at each age; it includes anything relevant – interests, dislikes, traits, achievements, etc. Plus, it takes the pressure off having to do a page for every little thing. This way, if I get to do the specific pages, great; if not, the memories are recorded before they fade. All good.

Here’s to making it easy!

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  1. Gorgeous work - that's a great idea - my sister in law used to do all her yearly layouts of her chldren! The things you THINK you will remember - you don't. I kept a journal of all the milestones in the early years and was reading it to our boys just recently - they really loved it and giggled a lot :)