Sunday, February 13, 2011

A scrapbooking epiphany

In the grand total of two weeks that I’ve been a’blogging, I’ve made a discovery. (I’m fairly certain this won’t be at all revelatory to anyone else out there, but for me it was a light bulb moment!)

In the nine years I’ve been scrapping, roughly 99% of it has been spent at my dining room table on my own. I have one or two Scrap Friends I’ve occasionally gone to a crop with, but typically, scrapping is a solo event for me.

Now here’s the moment: Sharing my stuff online; having people-other-than-family taking a look and leaving lovely comments; discovering this Whole New World of incredibly talented and creative people encouraging and sharing with each other; all this made me realise that scrapbooking is a community thing. And this amazing hobby/lifestyle is enhanced and made richer by sharing it with others.

Now, you’re possibly thinking “Well, duh!” But I never got this before! And now I do J.  So thank you all, for helping me to see it. I get it. I love it. This is scrapbooking times a million….

And so to Layout 8:

I’m trying to live up to my new camera and take better photos this year. I usually point and shoot, then crop like crazy on the photo kiosk. But this one I framed before I took it. New concept, that. Then I played around a bit with the colour levels….Techno-fear?? Ppffftt! What techno-fear?!?

Until next time, then. Have a wonderful Monday. J


  1. Hey Dani,
    Thanks for the comment! :D
    Your scrapbook page things are the awesomest. Like seriously, did you practice for ages or is it just... natural talent? I love reading what they say.